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Walking in Winter

This is my “W” for my A-Z Adventure.  So much for going in order, but who can resist a nice walk on a crisp winter day?  Walking through the snow on a late afternoon day I can see animal tracks and frozen berries hanging from branches.  The snow seems to be the colour of purple, the sky is too and I can’t remember anything quite so beautiful.  Winter is truly wonderful.  The snow crunches beneath my boots.  The air is cool but the sun shines through the trees and branches and lays across the blanket of snow.  I keep walking further into the brush and see a small clearing where I imagine the animals gather to catch up on their daily events.  What a lovely place to live.  The snow sparkles in the sunlight and it is knee deep.  I look up to the sky and let the sun hit my cheek.  I close my eyes and take in a deep breath.  The air is crisp and in the distance I can smell wood burning in fireplaces.  I continue my walk for about an hour into the woods, every step is a new adventure for my senses.   I am so happy and don’t want to leave this place but I must.  I turn around and begin my journey home.  As I approach my house I see icicles hanging from my roof and snow covering eveything in my yard.  The windows have frost on them and reflects pinks and purples to look like stained glass.  I stand outside to watch the sun begin to set.  The sky is now the colour of pink.  A gust of wind swirls some snow into the air and it lightly falls over me.  I can see my breath and the air begins to get colder now.  The sun has nearly set and it’s time to go inside.  I say farewell to my winter for now but I will see it again tomorrow.  So beautiful, so gentle, so magical.

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Salsa Dancing Instead of Sex

I had hoped to start this adventure with “A” but instead found myself being drawn to a local salsa dancing course.  So “S” it is.  I have already had two lessons which isn’t bad for the 4th of January.  Salsa dancing is beautiful, romantic, fun and originates from Cuba.  It isn’t difficult to see why the world has fallen in love with it.  There is a variety of dances to choose from and the steps are both passionate and smooth.  I have enjoyed my lessons a lot although it’s difficult to avoid thinking about sex .  Now I’m not suggesting that a day spent standing in line with my man waiting to buy the latest playstation or video game wasn’t hot…I simply never enjoyed doing it and yet I always seemed to be there (most likely by my own stupid mask of wanting to please my man).  This is something I have chosen for myself so maybe that’s why it feels so great!  And despite having a very good looking dance partner, I am focused on salsa dancing only.  I am trying to focus on finding my passions without involving men.  It is so easy to want to run into the arms of a lover but without having true love it is empty.  I’m tired of feeling empty so focus I shall!!

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