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Loving “The Bad Boy”

There is something alluring about the “The Bad Boy”.  They sweep us off our feet with passion, fun and excitement.  Then like any good drug, the side effects start to cause more problems than solutions.

Eventually bad boys (from my experience) start to get comfortable in your nice clean and responsible world.  They get lazy, mean, messy and those romantic gestures end up seeming like control.  It’s the bad boy mask that gets us every time.

Who doesn’t want to on occassion, throw caution to the wind and live for today?  It’s fun for say…2 months (give or take a month).  Then when our common sense walks back into town it’s too late.  We have now fallen in love with The Bad Boy who more than likely owes money to a lot of unsavory people, has annoyed most of his friends and relatives to the point that you are his only existence…(this makes us feel even more loved), so we put up with the mess, the childlike behaviour and lack of cashflow from his wallet.  Why?  Because we think he loves us, he’s handsome, and we think at any moment he is going to put on his adult mask and grow up.  I have found leaving the bad boy is not easy.  I realize that in my relationships I tend to listen to what the man says and not what he does.  However, as some brilliant person somewhere once said “Talk is Cheap” and so it turns out that it is.  I need both.  Yes I require a man who is romantic and mature.  At 21 when a man calls in sick from work to spend the day with you it seems incredibly romantic.  At 34 I will settle for weekends and evenings…and the occasional rose…because I understand the importance of work.

I can tell you on a personal note (since I married The Bad Boy), enjoy the passion and excitement because sooner or later when the bad times arrive, you really just want someone you can count on.

(picture – James Dean)

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